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Dear Bulldog Family,

We wanted to send a letter to let you know about the Felt School Foundation.  The Foundation was founded in 1986 to help the school stay afloat.  At the time, there was a great push from downstate to close our small school, but this little community rallied to make sure that would not happen.  The Foundation was organized, all federal and state paperwork was completed, and the foundation began raising funds to support our school.  In the beginning, the goal was to raise enough funds to pay at least one teacher’s salary for a year if the school was short on funds.  Even after all these years, the goal is still focused on the success of our students and keeping our school doors open.

The Foundation supports the school in numerous ways.  Some of the latest projects the Foundation has helped with are: new roofs for the main building and the gym, new playground equipment, new sidewalks, walk-in freezer and fridge, and the picnic table outside of the gym.  The Foundation also supports the school’s AR trips every year because we know that success in reading means success for life. 

Foundation funds are spent on projects and activities that benefit all students.  One of our annual fundraisers for the Foundation is the pee-wee tournaments.  That’s where you can help.  We will need donations of food items and time.  We are asking for everyone to pitch in a little to make our tournaments even more successful.   If you could please help by bringing the following items by the 15th of March to Mrs. Maness’s classroom, we would greatly appreciate it.

PreK – Kindergarten – 4 onions

1st Grade – 5 tomatoes

2nd Grade – 2 heads of lettuce

3rd & 4th Grade – 2 pkgs hot dog buns and 1 bag round corn chips for nachos

5th Grade – 2 bags round corn chips for nachos

6th Grade – 1 (16 oz or bigger) bag of shredded cheese

7th & 8th Grade – 2 (10 lb) bags of potatoes

Freshmen – 2 bags of regular Fritos for frito pies

Sophomores & Juniors – 1 gallon vanilla ice cream

Seniors – 3 pkgs regular size hamburger buns

If you are unable to donate at this time, please just let us know. 

We will also be needing help working in the concession stand.  When the brackets become available, we will be calling adults to help.  Students, grades 4-12, will sign up to work at school.  Please call if you have any questions.  Thanks in advance for your help!


Janese Maness – 580 516-1105

Audra Bell – 806 463-8953



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Always A Bulldog!!



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