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Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year!

To make the year go smoothly, I have given a brief overview of what I expect of the students in my classes and what they can expect from me.  I am looking forward to a great year!

Economics, Oklahoma History, U. S. History, Accounting,and Government will need no. 2 pencils, an eraser, a folder to keep graded and ongoing work organized, and smooth-edged paper.  No spiral notebooks or mechanical pencils, please.


Most work will be done in class unless absences or failure to utilize class time make it necessary to work outside of class.  However, it will be necessary for students to read the chapters from the textbook outside of class time in order to complete required PASS skills.  It is the student’s responsibility to read each chapter as we begin it.  Failure to do homework assignments or handing work in late will result in points being deducted.  If students cheat, all involved will be given a zero!


Grades will be given for daily assignments, chapter or unit tests, projects, nine weeks and semester tests.  Tests during the nine weeks period count twice as much as a daily grade.   I usually drop the lowest daily grade if it is beneficial to the student’s grade.  I can guarantee that every student in my classes will need to read something every evening!  Tests will be announced in advance, but each student should be aware that each chapter will be followed by a test.


I expect work to be done neatly and promptly.  If I can’t read it, I don’t grade it!  Pencils—NO MECHANICAL PENCILS, PLEASE—and notebook paper are a must!   Do not come to class without a pencil or paper.  If a student comes to class without these, their grade will be dropped 25% for that assignment, and he or she will be counted tardy.  Also, I do not allow backpacks or bags in my classroom.  The aisles must be kept clear so I can move about without tripping!


If a student knows he or she will be absent, it is their responsibility to let me know and to be sure his or her work for that day is handed in.  This is the students’ responsibility. Students will be counted tardy if they are late to class.  You may refer to the student handbook if you have questions concerning absences and tardiness.


Parents, I am nearly always at school until 5:00 p.m.  If your child needs to stay to use a computer, do research, catch up on schoolwork, etc. I will be here.  Please feel free to contact me about any concerns you may have.  My E-mail is or give me a call here at the school after 3:30 p.m.

Mrs. Williamson



Part 1

Accounting as a Career

Make students aware of careers available in the accounting field.


Day 1:  Chapter 1 – Read (Lecture);

Do – Study Guide

Homework - Accounting Concepts-Memorize!

21 Accounting, Fourth Edition, First-Year by Swanson, Ross & Hanson


Textbook and Working Papers

Part 2

Accounting for A Service Business

  • Starting an Accounting System


Day 1: Chapter 2 – Read  (Lecture)

Study Guide

Day 2:  Problems 2-1, 2-2

Handed back graded papers


Day 3:  Problems  2-3 & 2-4

Day 4:  Problem 2-M, Finish all problems

Handed back graded papers


Day 5:  Test on Ch 1 & 2  8/30


  • Changes Caused by Business Transactions

Day 6: Review Test

 Chapter 3 – Read (Lecture), Study Guide –

Problems 3-1 and 3-2 x

Handed back graded papers


  • Analyzing Transactions into Debit and Credit Parts

Day 7: Chapter 4 (Lecture), Study Guide -9/6xx

Day 8:  Problem 4-1 –

Day 9:  Problem 4-2 -

Day 10:  Problem 4-M 

Handed back graded papers


Day 11: Test Chapter 4 -


21 Accounting, Fourth Edition, First-Year by Swanson, Ross & Hanson


Textbook and Working Papers


Video – Understanding the Accounting Equation






  1. S. History
  2. Lesson 16


    Text:  United States History & Geography Modern Times

    Quizzes & Tests; Reading Essentials & Study Guides; Resources

    Missoula tryouts

    Read to class from American Biographies pg. 32 Frederick Winslow Taylor

    Study Guide and Guided Reading 3-3

    Video :  Biltmore Estate (America’s Castles)

    Lesson 18


    Text:  United States History & Geography Modern Times



    Lecture 3-4 Unions

    Start online video 16:24

    Online resources

    Homework:  Read 3-4

    Lesson 18



    Text:  United States History & Geography Modern Times

    Quizzes & Tests; Reading Essentials & Study Guides; Resources

    Fair Week

    Missoula Practice

8th Grade Speech



Ways to Organize Material (PP)  ; Handout pg 13-14 from Speech Class for Teens; pg 24-26 from Spekers’ Club

Financial Literacy


Missoula – Ch. 2 Check your Knowledge ws pg 12-13; Math Check Up pg 14 ;Vocabulary Check


Ag. Math problems (in folder) Review for test


Test Questions Ch 1 pg 17 and Ch. 2 pg 34-35


Chapter 3 – Financial Decision Making


Test Questions pg 50-51; Check Your Knowledge

Okla. History



Chapter 2 Discussion




Ch. 2 worksheets -


Lesson 3

Day 3



Ok. Stories of Past pg. 80

Student Activity Book

Chapter 2 Discussion Questions pg 42 – 1-4 & 6

Book Review:  Down the Santa Fe Trail and into Mexico by Susan Maghaffy


DVD of Ft. Union


Lesson 12


Text:  American Government

Study Guides & MC Tests

Chapter 3 – Study Guide 5

Read Constitution