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Monday, July 13th

Helloooo, PK and Kindergarten students!!  I am so excited to start a new year off with all of you!  I believe I might be more ready to see all you kids than I’ve ever been before because it’s been so long since we were in school.  We’re going to have a western theme in our classroom this year with a big dose of good, old fashioned American patriotism too!  Each week we’re going to focus on learning something important about the USA.

I’ve included the school supply list for our class.  If you have any questions about it, please call me.  The list is also on the school website.  I’ll post this letter along with weekly newsletters all year on the school website.  You can find it on the PK/K page under newsletter.


Our first day of school will be Wednesday, August 19th. Kindergarten will start at 8:10 in the morning, and PK will come at 12:15.  PK students, please don’t arrive earlier than 12:15 because I might not be in the classroom until then due to recess duty. School will dismiss for everyone at 3:15.  It looks as if we’ll have about 8-10 students this year with boys outnumbering girls…again!

Enjoy your last month of summer and come to school ready to learn and have fun! I’ll see all you little buckaroos in August! J

Mrs. Kristy

Home – (580)544-3186

Cell – (580)517-1668






PK/K School Supply List 2020-21

*Crayons – box of 24 classic colors (Crayola only, no Craz E Art)

*Markers – classic colors (Crayola or Craz E Art, no fine tip)

*#2 Pencils – 10 (painted only, no plastic coverings)


*Glue Sticks – 4 large or 8 small (no Craz E Art)

*Large, white Pentel Eraser –K only (if you can’t find Pentel brand, I will get one  for your child)

*Tissues – 2 boxes

*Disinfectant wipes (If you can find them)

*Copy paper – 1 pack

*School box – regular size, no extra large

*Nylon zipper bag (10x7” size)


*3 ring binder – 1 “

*Pocket folder – 1 (PK), 2 (K)

*PE shoes (velcro only, please…no tie shoes)

I know it sounds picky, but please don’t buy Craz E Art brand for glue sticks or crayons.  They just are not good quality, and we end up not using them.  Craz E Art markers are fine though.

Please initial everything, even individual crayons and markers J