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Friday, May 3rd

Our class is pleased to announce that the caterpillar bit his tail on Thursday!!  If you’ve been hearing this from you child and wondering what that means, here’s an explanation for you.  Every day we put a circle on the wall with the number of what school day we’re on.  It teaches the kids to read numbers and also teaches them to predict patterns since we do a different color pattern each month.  The circles form our caterpillar, and Thursday(day 152) our caterpillar’s body stretched all the way around the room and came back to his head.  Of course, we had to party J!  We had cupcakes in a pattern that made a caterpillar!

I hope you’re ready for a whirlwind end of the year because it’s here! Here’s a recap of what’s happening.

          *Monday - Clean out desks and take school supplies home.

          *Tuesday -Swim in the afternoon.  Bring swimsuit, towel, and floaties.

*Wednesday Track meet @ Yarbrough.  Bring a lunch, drink, sweatpants,    

  and jacket.  Track meet t-shirts that are yours to keep will be handed out

  the day before the meet.  Bus will leave school at 8:00.  We’ll meet kids

  who are riding with parents at Yarbrough.

*ThursdayFire Station Trip  to Dalhart.  PK come at 8:10 with K.  Bring a  

  sack lunch with drink.  School will dismiss @ 1:45 for PK-12.

*Friday  - Hamburger Fry and Awards Assembly .  Bring kids to school at

  11:00 for all school picnic(Please call the school office if you are a parent

   and plan to eat with your child.)  The awards assembly will start at 1:00.